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Natasha Jewell

Natasha is a certified Full-Spectrum Doula, serving the Milwaukee area with various offerings: Prenatal, Labor and Birth, Postpartum, End of Life, Critical Care, Abortion, Religious Freedom, Alternate Lifestyle, Mental Health, and Lactation support. She attended her first birth 35 years ago with her sister, and has since became a go to person for labor support among friends and family.

Natasha learned how to make her own labor easier through self hypnosis, calming techniques, pain mindfulness, and birthing methods, which she now utilizes to help others, and train fellow doulas. With her expertise, various certifications, and a degree in Psychology, Natasha is equipped to help you along your journey to parenthood.

Inquire about Natasha’s one on one sessions for Breathwork, Potential Birth Outcomes, Q&A on What is a Doula, Golden Hour and Latching, Birthing Positions, Stress Relief methods, and Placenta Encapsulation!

Cindy Rubin, MD, IBCLC

Cindy is a board-certified General Pediatrician, Breast/Chest Feeding, and Lactation Medicine Physician. She practices as a solo physician at In Touch Pediatrics and Lactation, where she proves physician management of complicated or complex lactation-related conditions as part of a lactating person’s care team.

Cindy offers in-home 4th Trimester Packages. These packages include postpartum newborn pediatric care as well as maternal/parental support for lactation, mental health, and other needs or challenges that arise.

She loves providing care in patients’ homes, when and where they need it most! She is deeply invested in changing the narrative of perinatal women’s and infant health in the United States. Cindy works to ensure that everyone has access to necessary supports regardless of the color of their skin, gender identity, sexual preferences, or income.  

Ilana Kahn

Ilana joined the Birthways Lactation Team in 2017. Ilana’s personal experiences, passion, and training have united her role as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She also maintains an active status as a Registered Nurse. Ilana looks forward to nurturing new parents and babies in this dynamic relationship and helping each family find what will work best for them.

Ilana earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Maryland School of Nursing after completing a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Touro College in New York. She not only participated in a Community Health Nursing program providing home visits for lower-income pregnant and postpartum women, but she also has clinical experience in Pediatrics and Maternity as part of her education. Ilana spent a few years working on the Postpartum Unit at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, regularly supporting 4-5 new couples over the course of a 12-hour shift. She provided breastfeeding support, as well as newborn and postpartum wellness education and assessment to these new families.

As a mother herself, Ilana knows the value of having strong support systems in place and of reaching out to receive additional assistance and support if challenges or concerns arise. She looks forward to directly nurturing parents and infants through her role as an IBCLC and knows the benefits of patience and encouragement when providing breastfeeding assistance. Rooted in evidence-based practice, research and trends, Ilana is committed to helping you and your baby find your way with breastfeeding.

Ilana is so caring, she’s very passionate about lactation work, and being able to give to the community.

My mom didn’t breastfeed, my friends didn’t breastfeed. Ilana really taught me from A to Z. She was very patient with all my questions, all the time.

Sonrisa Hansen Parker

Sonrisa is an IBCLC and certified postpartum doula at Birthways, Inc., serving the greater Chicago area. Sonrisa will communicate thoughtfully and tune into your needs. She has a personal mindfulness meditation and yoga practice, which shows up in her care as a grounded, warm, and calming presence.

She provides individualized breastfeeding support and guidance as a lactation consultant. For new parents planning to breastfeed, Sonrisa is a knowledgeable, patient, and non-judgmental supporter as you discover what it is like to feed and nourish your baby.

Sonrisa offers a broad scope of postpartum care that can tend to the needs of the newborn, older sibling, new parents, and the household. She believes support is about the practical, the emotional, the physical, and the educational needs of growing families.

My greatest passion in life is to support families as they transition into life with a new baby. It is such a pivotal time in the lives of parents and children, and I love helping them successfully adapt to their new roles.