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Leah Lemelin

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Leah Lemelin
Labor Support
Service Radius  15 miles
Experience   7 years


Leah is a certified labor support and postpartum doula, community leader, and care coordinator at Birthways, Inc., serving the greater Chicago area. She is a natural caregiver and is attuned to supporting women in her community. She incorporates her many years of being an educator and trainer into her work as a doula.

Leah knows how to share information in supportive and affirming ways. Her warm, kind presence puts one at ease and her willingness to be of service is coupled with her conscientious nature. She will pay good attention to the needs of all the family members. Leah has a personal yoga and meditation practice that has been particularly impactful in her childbearing and parenting experiences – talk with her about supporting your own practices!

I feel a calling to support women and families moving through the transformative prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum journey. My wish is to be of service to another, honoring wherever they are on their journey and whatever choices they make as a parent.


WisdomWay Institute First Year Specialist/Postpartum Doula Program
McClean Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training
Creating Space: Pelvic Dynamics, Fetal Positioning and Use of the Rebozo: Brittany Sharpe McCollum
Newborn Safety Workshop
Birthways Core Doula Training Program
Birth Arts International Labor Support Doula Training
Yoga Immersion 200-hour Teacher Training

Doulas Packages

Labor Support : Finalize Care

Labor support packages include 2 prenatal visits and 1 follow-up visit after the birth. When you book your package, your included visits will be ready to schedule. Okkanti's access framework helps pregnant people find their support systems while ensuring fair compensation for doulas.  The fees you will pay for labor support packages range from $300- $2900, depending on access to insurance, employer plans, and subsidies.  You'll be informed of your options during your initial consultation. 

1 hr visit $ 100 per visit 3 visit(s)

$300 ($300 due upfront)

Visits Information

Free Consultation 1 hour(s) Video
Labor Support 1 hour(s) Video Home

Service Location

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