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Sadie Cordova

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Sadie Cordova
Postpartum Care Day Newborn
Service Radius  15 miles
Experience   3 years


Sadie is known to give herself fully in every field of her life. Whether that be caring for friends in time of need or falling into a rabbit hole of research after a glimpse of something that sparked her interest. Which is exactly how she found herself in doula work, after a sociology course in college brought in a doula that specialized in hypno-birthing. One spark and she wanted to know everything there was to know about doula work and the flame has only grown since. Sadie is a young queer activist who found herself working in finance by happenstance by day and in service work by night. She coached gymnastics for all ages for years and has recently “turned in her leo” to focus on her passion in doula work. Other interests include activism work, hanging out with her Bernese Mountain Dog “Pretzel”, doing wedding videography, and more recently “gemming” anything she can get her hands on.

Sadie has always said that doula work is her passion work and where her heart sits happy. The role itself holds a deeply personal place in her story and she strives to create a space for new families where they can learn what their new adventure looks like and how she can assist in that transition. Adding a new family member is one of the most joyous and monumental occasions in someone’s life, and Sadie’s primary de- sire is to help the focus stay centered on those emotions as she eases the growing pains however that may look for the family she is working with.

I doula because new life changes the lives of everyone and everything around it in many beautiful ways, but also in many confusing ways. Identities and day to day life changes so much and sometimes we just need a little extra support in those moments. I doula because every- one’s voice, desires, and needs are important to me, and I want to make sure that each and every family member is given the chance to keep their focus where it feels right for them, and I can assist in maintaining the rest. I doula because sometimes new life feels a lot harder than we may feel prepared for, and I want to be the resource that helps diminish that hard as much as possible.


Labor/ PP Certification

Doulas Packages

Postpartum Care Day Newborn : Finalize Care

Okkanti’s access framework helps pregnant people find their support systems while ensuring fair compensation for doulas. The fees you will pay for postpartum support packages range depending on the number of hours you book. You’ll be informed of your options during your initial consultation, and will sign a contract outlining details before finalizing your booking.

4 hr visit $ 300 per visit 1 visit(s)

$300 ($300 due upfront)

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Free Consultation 1 hour(s) Video
Postpartum Care Day Newborn 4 hour(s) Home

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